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We are Ping Pong Parkinson.

To help anyone with Parkinson's Disease
through ping pong (primarily) – and to have fun while doing it.

Join us
Just bring yourself on any Wednesday at 7:30 pm and you will be welcome. Let the club's front desk know that you are here for Parkinson's Ping Pong and they will point you to us. The club entrance fee is $10 (if this is problematic for you, please let Art or Nenad know and we will make arrangements). If you think you will want to play regularly, consider becoming a member of WTTC. To get started, we will do a few exercises to warm up and then we will play ping pong. The club will provide the paddles and balls. We have all levels of players in our group, from beginners to accomplished players and volunteers who are happy to provide basic instruction.

Wednesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm

Join us on April 27th for the 2019 Parkinson’s Unity Walk.

The 25th Parkinson’s Unity Walk will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 8:30am (rain or shine) in Central Park, NYC. 

Every walker and donor makes a difference by taking the Walk one step closer to finding the cause and cure for Parkinson’s. By joining together with thousands of others, we’ll be empowering those who are living with the disease, and honoring those who lived with Parkinson’s.


Who Took My Keys?

Well, we’re all getting older. And you can’t set the clock back. Not only can’t you run a mile as fast as a sloth (these animals are slower than centipedes), hit a ball over the fence for a home run or jump over the tennis net like you used to, but your joints are so...

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Advanced Parkinson’s Disease: Bruce Ballard

Hi: First, thanks to Robert Berson for bringing to our attention a dance program, Dance For Parkinson's Disease, which is providing free weekly classes from March 13th to May 15th in the Ossining Library (not the library in Sing Sing - repeating - do not go to the...

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PPP Treasury Report

There’s been talk, whispers at first, then louder rumblings, about some ‘questionable behavior’ by the treasurer of PPP – that would be me. For example, some of the Bored members didn’t appreciate our purchase of extra cake for me after the last recent party. Well,...

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