Ping Pong Parkinson: Organizational Format

I Introductions – 5 minutes
     A: Welcome new people; indicate the session number
     B: Formal introductions; in a circle, everyone projecting his/her voice
     C: Announcements
     D: Optional: Parkinson medical news updates

II   Exercises 8-10 minutes

1  A: Yoga related: Deep, relaxing breaths with hands slowly carried overhead (inhale), and down (exhale); Repeat 3-5 times
    B: Neck exercises: Turn left, right, circular rotations; chin tuck (touching chest)
    C: “Pistol of Love” – weight on heels, hands forming pistol carried overhead, stretching toward ceiling while looking up at ceiling, done while leaning backwards. Repeat 2 times.
    D: “Pistol of Love” – formed this time behind back; arms down, stretching down. Repeat 2 times.

 2  Wrist/arms/hands/fingers

     A: Shake out hands; arms thrust forward
     B: Finger grips – with arms extended horizontally, fingers flexed
     C: Finger taps – thumb touching each finger, both hands simultaneously.
     D: Wrist rotation – with arms thrust forward in horizontal position, rotate wrists back and forth (abduction/adduction).

3   Lunges: Dual tasking; leader calls out lunges by the clock (e.g., 2 o’clock = right leg lunge forward at 45 degrees).

4   Torso twist (with or without ping pong paddles); lateral and medial rotations, 180 degrees, five times

5   “Ping Pong Pick-up” – modified deep knee bends with support of one hand on one knee (alternating) as the opposite hand touches floor; reverse hands; 2 times

6   Balancing: Standing tree, airplane, Romberg – one foot lined up behind the other; eyes open, eyes closed; hold position (stance) for 3-5 seconds.

7   Aerobic – Jumping jacks, knee lifts in place (touching elbow to knee while raising leg); straddles (back and forth laterally)

8   Ping Pong Coordination exercises: Bounce ball off racket 10 times, dominant and non-dominant hands. Reverse hits – 10 times while alternating hits on both sides of the racket; Big bounce (high bounce) off racket and then allowing ball to stop bouncing while controlling racket. Walking while bouncing ball on racket.

III  Ping Pong Demonstration – an instructional block, 3-5 minutes
A different facet of table tennis demonstrated each week (e.g., forehand push, backhand topspin)

IV  Main Ping Pong Session (approximately 45 minutes consisting of 3 or 4 rotations)
Singles tables, doubles, robot table, instructional table (one on one instruction for those Pongers starting out), Boxing bag – instructor calls out jab, cross or uppercut with left or right hand (a dual task activity); juggling (with an instructor), light weight lifting (with an instructor).

V  Song
Chairs arrayed in a circle; lyrics to a song provided; Vocal cord warm-up – group holds a high note and a low note for as long as they can (after taking deep breaths); song sung in unison with recording played from computer