The idea of hybrid vigor has entered the world of Ping Pong Parkinson.  In our case, it’s combining the wisdom, which comes as a result of experience from older people, and the techno skills of young people.  Both subgroups should advance when teamed up.  That’s why I’m pleased that we have recently had an infusion of younger brainpower into our PPP organization.  Together, the combo of youngsters (hey, don’t look at me, that’s what Ed Sullivan called anyone who was born a day after him) who know about software and malware (at first I thought malware was how these young whippersnappers were referring to my 1960’s outdated wardrobe), together  with some of us codgers, can make for a strong and solid team.  And, hey, maybe one of these wet-behind-the-ear generation x’s or y’s or z’s – or whatever they’re calling themselves –  can explain to me what a modem is.  I’m bursting to know.

And, by the way, if one of these kids comes at me and wants to know why I don’t use a cell phone, I’m ready.  Oh, I’m ready alright.  I’ll throw it back right at them:  And why don’t you play stickball!!!!  Humph.   Lao Du