Congratulations to Robert Cattan and Ed Campbell for winning the doubles tournament held to commemorate the 100th session of Ping Pong Parkinson. Kudos, as well, to Andy Schloat for his huge generosity in providing a fantastic Ping Pong Cake. (Jeez, it was good.) We also want to express our gratitude in recognizing the valuable contributions to the party made by Ellen Burka. Of course, we want to make sure to mention with much appreciation the skillful handicapping and tournament supervision rendered by Dave Hill and Will Shortz. Additionally, we were very fortunate to have an expert photography team – Robert Cattan with stills, Fred Ellman with video – capturing some of the joyful enthusiasm of the evening. (There was no “agony of defeat.”) Lastly, thanks to all the participants and volunteers who made last night and the previous 99 sessions helpful and worthwhile for our Ping Pong Pongers!

One more thing about our 100th party: Can Ellen Burka and Margie Alley sing or what!! Some record company should sign them up. Great harmony. Wow!

Related to singing is this remarkable and noteworthy article which just appeared on the Parkinson’s News Today site. It describes the beneficial effects of (get ready for this) – GROUP SINGING! Really! Just as we were amazed to find that some Parkinson’s patients were using juggling as a therapeutic modality (we thought we were the innovators), here we are again in discovering that some others in the Parkinson World are already using singing in groups to improve voice impairment and respiratory control. (Within a week or two of practice, Ping Pong Parkinson should have one of the world’s greatest choirs.) Lao Du