In 2012, there appeared an article in the New England Journal of Medicine (a gold standard) about tai chi and Parkinson’s Disease which basically endorsed it as beneficial. Subsequently, the National Parkinson’s Foundation came on board with the same conclusion and recommendation. I have checked out several reviews (meta-analyses which combine statistical results from multiple trials) relating to Tai Chi training (none available that I could find for the last few years) and the consensus concurs with the above opinion. The bottom line (with a caveat by some reviewers in these analyses that the sampling size is too small): Tai chi training reduces falls and improves postural stability and also improves strength and balance. I think it is safe to say, therefore, that tai chi is a good choice for joining our other modalities (stretching, aerobics, ping pong, juggling, boxing etc.) in the treatment and management of Parkinson’s Disease. ART